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Diaper Bag to Back Pack

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Finally! It is so hard to believe that my baby is almost two years old, it seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home for the first time. Even though Parker still refers to her as her “baby” Prestyn is far from a baby. As I watch her grow and come into her own, watch her little personality develop I am amazed at how quickly this has all happened. Though I am sad to see her transformation for baby to big girl I must say that hubby and I are super excited and pleased that she is doing so well with her potty training process. At the rate she is going she should be completely potty trained and into big girl undies by her second birthday in August.

All of this excites me for a few reasons the first being that soon I will be able to wave good bye to diapers for good! After four years of diapers I have had enough and I can’t wait to let them go! The second is…no more diaper bags! *hits dougie* (do people still do that? LOL)


Listen, I am so excited to throw the peace sign in the air to the diaper bag. I no longer carry it with me when we are out and about. Now, the only thing that I carry, well Prestyn carries is a small back pack. Let me tell you the contents of this back pack.

  1. Two diapers
  2. Five Pull Ups
  3. Wipes
  4. Bottled water
  5. Kids snacks (granola bar, fruit snacks and or goldfish)
  6. Hand sanitizer

To make it even easier on my when I am out running errands I usually for go taking my purse and toss my wallet, cell phone and keys in the book bag as well. When I add my items then I carry it. This is what I did with Parker around this same age as well. Its so much more conveient for me and provides me with everything I need while we are out and about.


Because kids are kids and I am extra I also keep a clean pair of clothes for each child, more diaper and wipes, a towel, blankets and bottled water in the trunk of my car at all times, as well as a pair of sneakers for myself. I learned after being stranded in that ice storm in 2014 that you can never be too prepared!

Do any of you with little one still carry a diaper bag? Do you carry a bag at all? Am I missing anything? Help a sister out!! LOL.



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