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Forgive Me!

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My goodness.  I have been back to work from my maternity leave for a little over a week now. I cannot tell a lie the first few days were rough on me! I really thought it was going to be easier the second time around….LIES!


Last Monday when I dropped my daughters off to the sitter, my voice was quivering and I had that dreaded lump in my throat. I am not worried about my baby because I know she is in great hands and with her older sister being there as well its perfect but she is still my baby and for nearly 4months we have been together non stop.


My two year old looked at me as I was leaving and said “Its okay mommy”. *cue the water works* She is super smart and knew her momma was about to break….and I did just that for nearly my entire 20 minute commute to work. I usually don’t even do the “drop off” my husband does but that day I needed to. Whew. Super grateful to my friends and co-workers who made sure I was okay and kept my busy laughing and took me to lunch to welcome me back.


I’m almost back into my routine and getting the hang of it, but its still hard.  Yes, I check on them at least one time a day and luckily our sitters are awesome and send us pictures a few times during the week. But to all you working mommies your work & dedication to your families and your jobs doesn’t go unnoticed. If no one has told you lately you are appreciated!

Anybody else deal with some stressful situations this past week? How did you get through it?


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    December 16, 2015 at 2:58 PM

    Yes honey!!! But you are awesome & hardworking!

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