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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I hope that today was great for all of you. Since the hubby had to work on actual Valentine’s Day, we did our celebrating this weekend. The girls will still get their Valentines from us today. My sister affectionately known as “Honey” sent them the cutest little goodie bags and the sitter has their bags lined up at the door just waiting to be torn into!

Parker is so excited and cant wait to have all of her treats, while Prestyn doesn’t really know exactly know whats happening but she enjoys the treats all the same. LOL.



This weekend, we had a family movie night, equipped with popcorn and Parker even requested to have her nails and toe nails painted (she is a threenager. lol) The girls got to put the recliners that Santa brought them to good use. Check out some of the pictures of our movie night for Valentine’s day. How will you celebrate?

I will make a quick post tomorrow recapping the girls Valentine’s Day gifts!



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