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Me Time & My Space

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Hey there chic mama’s!

As I have shared previously, in 2017 I am focusing on taking better care of myself. One of the most important ways that I am doing that is taking time for myself. Imagine my surprise when my manager let me know that I had some Paid Time Off that I needed to use by the end of February! Yesssss! Guess who is sending the kiddos to the sitter as normal and staying home to get some things done…ME!!!

Thats exactly what I did on Friday, my family was off on their regular routine by 7:15am and I had the entire house to myself. That is completely unheard of around here. Wanna know what I did? I laid in bed, I caught up on my shows that have piled up on the DVR, I ate some wings & fried food by myself and didn’t have any little hands in my plate. I turned on my Apple Music blasting my 90’s R & B and I cleaned! I was able to get my office nook together! Check it out.

I am so excited about this space coming together. Of course it is no complete but it has come a very long way. I was able to clear a lot of clutter and put my new desk chair together, add my new pillow, clear out old papers that were cluttering the space. Its hard maintaining the space because its located right off of our entry from the garage and tends to become the catch all for coats, shoes, mail and everything else.

Honestly guys…I LOVE my space, its small but its mine. I was able to work in it on Saturday night and I am actually typing this post up in my new space. Take a look at my pics, let me know what you think anyone who knows me knows that the space is a perfect reflection of me and my personality its filled with color, other pieces from other brown girl business owners, books, music and inspirational quotes. Let me know what your space looks like and anything I should add to mine.


Hope that you enjoy a view of Chic Urban Mom/The Icon Collection “headquarters” .



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