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Parker…Chapter 4

Reading Time: 1 minuteIt still feels like just yesterday I peed on 13 sticks to confirm what I already knew…I was expecting my first baby. Time flies by so fast when you are trying to sift your way through parenthood. Parker has had EPIC bday parties for the last three years and this year we decided to lay low Grandpa came to town and changed ALL of that. My 4 year old had a…

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Pinners Conference

Reading Time: 1 minuteI like to think of myself as the creative type, not really handy or crafty but creative. When I was invited to the Pinners Conference by my girl Nicole over at She Does A Bunch I was super excited. Pinners was literally two full days of classes and shopping. Am I the only one who pins tons of things for ideas and then never does anything with the pins? LOL. Well listen…

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Disney on the ROCKS!

Reading Time: 2 minutesIf you have followed my blog or social media pages for any amount of time you already know that as the mother of two girls my household is pretty much Disney obsessed. Parker’s second birthday was Doc McStuffin themed, she was DOC that same year for Halloween, last year she was Elsa. Prestyn’s 1st birthday party was Mickey Mouse play house themed complete with personalized tee shirts, ears and tutu! Don’t…

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Reading Time: 1 minuteSo nowadays there is pretty much a “DAY” for everything! Some of them I am here for and some of them I can do without! Today though….I am so here for it because its National Sibling Day! Cute right? Since I have two little ones and my sister and I are so close what better way for me to pay home than to show some sibling love on the blog right?…

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Let there be LIFE…

Reading Time: 2 minutes  Let me be quite frank I have never had a green thumb…like AT ALL. But after reading my girl MiMi Unlikely Martha’s blog and watching her dollar store haul, I said to myself…SELF, you can do this! I thought it would be a fun thing to do with Parker and Prestyn. Allow the girls to have some fun and watch something grow. So on one of my many unnecessary Target trips…

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